Photographer by Organic Themes : Modification of Width, single post, page, sidebar, footer, menus, font and more

Photographer by Organic themes is a beautiful minimal design theme which is perfect for photoblogging. If you are a serious Photographer or artist then you can check this theme to show your work to the world. You can check the demo of Photographer theme. If you are using Premium Plan, you can use it for free.

wordpress theme for photographer

Here I have shared some css (style) using which you can give the Photographer theme a new look.
You can ask me question regarding any issue you are facing in the comment section.

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Create website for photographers, artists, and graphic designers using The Rebalance Theme by Automattic :Documentation, Support and customization

the Rebalance Theme by Automattic 3 column theme

The Rebalance Theme by Automattic is a new 3 column theme. You can check the Rebalance theme demo here. Previously I shared Rowling theme Modifications which is a 2 column site. But I showed how to make it 3 columns too ( in the Rowling theme’s comments section).

Here I have shared the Rebalance theme modifications using which you give your Rebalance theme a new look.

Download Rebalance theme by Automattic.

You can use my shared code and ask question in the comments section.

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