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Mars ( retro) in 3rd house scorpio: Past Prediction

As Scorpio represent transformation, someone asked in the group that, Mars ( retro) in 3rd house scorpio may mean transformation due to internet, communication or siblings/ neighbours ? So, based on single planet single house I just asked a past incident (before his birth) in native’s family.

Retro mars in 3rd house scorpio

What I asked

does Native’s mother has child birth related history before native’s born?

Native confirmed there is history of one abortion before the native’s born also one termination of pregnancy after native is born.

** I am a learner and enthusiast of astrology. Hope this sharing will help you to learn, also you can share your feed back too in the comments section regarding 3rd house retro mars in scorpio.

Moral: Please be aware of child abortion or any karma which hamper you or your future generation.

2 thoughts on “Mars ( retro) in 3rd house scorpio: Past Prediction”

  1. Hello astrologer
    Since i dont know your name.can you please reveal it.besides i would like to know from whom you have learnt as u are speaking of your guru very fondly


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