Contact Form 7 Issues Tricks and Solution

How to create Terms and Condition checkbox with a link in Contact Form 7

If you want to create a Terms and Condition Checkbox with the link pointing to the page, you can create it easily. Here is the code which you need to use

 [checkbox* terms-condition "I have read and agree to the terms and conditions. *"] <a href=""> Terms & conditions </a> 

The code will go in the Contact Form 7 ( like below)

Thats it. If you have any Question feel free to do comments below.

Karma Observation

Hitting Poor dog, or hatred towards stray dogs and cats

I know a women who fed stray dogs and cats from her heart. Though there are many facebook groups who do same kind of job. But this women sold her golds and others to fed dogs and cats. Also she do treatment for them.

What a pure soul. Though the marriage life of the lady is disturbed. When I talked with the lady, I mentioned due to your karma towards nature your marriage issue will be solved. God and mother nature is seeing your contribution.

But she face lots of troubles and criticism while doing it. My Guru says, who is saying negative about you is actually taking your negative energy. So you should thanks them. So, I told the lady, please try to be cool with those who criticize you. God is seeing. Don’t worry about your karma.

Karma Observation

Anger Control, Ego Control a little technique

I am not that much educated regarding Anger Management or Anger Control, but seems Lord Rahu Deb or Mother Nature helped me to imprint a little saying in my mind.

Just wait a little, little wait… your response can be different, just wait, little wait

My heartily Gratitude to Lord Rahu Deb & Mother Nature. Not sure I will be able to keep following it or not.

Karma Observation

Gratitude towards Mother Nature : Remedy of your mental depression

So, are you depressed due to your deeds or mistakes or anything? Are you taking medicine to get relief of your depression? Ok, this phase of life occurs in many of us. It also came in my life too.

So I shared in my earlier post a karmic remedy to get rid of depression. Here I am sharing you another step which you can follow. I do follow it. So you can try too.

“While sleeping, please thanks to mother nature or God that you earned a little and get your food, if you didnt earn anything then thanks to God that you still have the ability to do something”

Try not to complain…. Just thanks to mother nature or God.

Karma Observation

How to get rid of Anxiety without the help of medicine

Are you in tension? Are you short of money? Do you have the feelings that everything around you is ruined and your all hope of life destroyed? Then yes, I also faced such situation. I had to beg money from my sisters to carry the cost of medicine, food and other cost of my father and mother. Fortunately, with God blessings i got helps from my sister’s. But that didn’t solve all the problems of life. I was in depression as I am not in the condition to support my mom and dad.

One of my relative took me to an wise astro-palmist, he suggested me a wonderful remedy to get rid of anxiety and other troubles. Still I am grateful to that person as what he suggested helped me to become a part of mother nature.

What he suggested? really simple remedy.

“Feed Crows in the early morning — when you wake up, if you have breads to eat, put a bread in a plate, and keep it in open place, so that crow (or birds or any animal) can eat it. Just do it with great respect like you are feeding your relatives or mom and dad. Wash the plate regularly, give some water to drink”

Sounds Hard? No, please do this remedy before you take your breakfast, and try to do it in early morning.

Hope this will help you to get rid of anxiety. Please do it regularly, and gradually you will feel the change around you. Pray to Mother Nature. Mother Nature will take care of You.

WordPress Tricks

Redirect Logged out users to different page based on Body Class : WordPress redirection using php and jQuery

Suppose you want your visitor not to see any specific pages and want them to redirect to login or register page, then you can do this using this following code. Here i used the body class of wordpress page. Using the Body class and using php and jquery you can redirect it .

   $classes = get_body_class();
if (in_array('my-profile',$classes)   || in_array('page-id-2324',$classes)    ) {

if( ! is_user_logged_in() ) {
 window.location.href = "";

WordPress Tricks

WordPress theme Twenty Twenty-One: Modifications and customizations of headers, fonts, styles and more

WordPress 5.6 comes with a brand new default theme: Twenty Twenty-One. Here I am sharing you some basic css or style modifications using which you can give it a look of your own. I have added the child theme below which you can download and use without any issue.

Download Twenty Twentyone Child theme.

wordpress theme twenty twenty-one
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WordPress Tricks

Previous and Next Post title from same category

Sometimes you may want to show the previous and next post title from same category just below your post. Here I am sharing you the code which i got from internet and used for someone which worked great. Here I am sharing you the corresponding css and php code.

CSS Code ( This code may need to tweak based on your theme)

div#opagination a[rel="prev"] {
    float: left;
    width: 50%;
div#opagination span {
    margin-left: 12px;
    margin-right: 12px;
div#opagination center {
    display: inline;
span.nextpost.txt {
    float: right;
span.prevpost.txt {
    float: left;
div#opagination a[rel="next"] {
    float: right;
	width: 50%;
div#opagination * {
    font-size: 15px;

div#opagination a span:last-child,div#opagination a span:last-child * {
    /* background: red; */
    display: block;
    font-size: 23px;
    font-weight: bold;
	clear: both;
div#opagination a span:first-child,div#opagination a span:first-child * {
    font-weight: bold;
    color: #ab9797 !important;

PHP code (That will go in your single.php file)

$post_id = $post->ID; // current post ID
$cat = get_the_category(); 
$current_cat_id = $cat[0]->cat_ID; // current category ID 

$args = array( 
    'category' => $current_cat_id,
    'orderby'  => 'post_date',
    'order'    => 'DESC'
$posts = get_posts( $args );
// get IDs of posts retrieved from get_posts
$ids = array();
foreach ( $posts as $thepost ) {
    $ids[] = $thepost->ID;
// get and echo previous and next post in the same category
$thisindex = array_search( $post_id, $ids );
$previd    = isset( $ids[ $thisindex - 1 ] ) ? $ids[ $thisindex - 1 ] : false;
$nextid    = isset( $ids[ $thisindex + 1 ] ) ? $ids[ $thisindex + 1 ] : false;
echo  '<div id="opagination">' ;
if (false !== $previd ) {
			?><a rel="prev" href="<?php echo get_permalink($previd) ?>"><span class="prevpost txt"><< Article plus récent </span><span><?php echo get_the_title($previd); ?></span></a><?php
if (false !== $nextid ) {
			?><a rel="next" href="<?php echo get_permalink($nextid) ?>"><span class="nextpost txt">Article plus ancien >></span> <span><?php echo get_the_title($nextid); ?> </span> </a><?php
			echo '</div>';

WordPress Tricks

HTML Tab without bootstrap : Tabbed menu with only css, jQuery and html

Tabbed menu without bootstrap ( using css, jquery and html)

In most of the cases we uses bootstrap, which is easy to use. But sometimes we may need to create tabbed menu without bootstrap. Here I am sharing you the related html, css and jQuery code using which you can use Tabbed menu without using bootstrap (screenshot above). You can use this in WordPress, Shopify or any other platform where you can use html,css and jQuery.

You can contact me at om2000_cuet in my skype or can ask question in comments section.

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WordPress Tricks

WordPress Podcasting theme Spearhead by Automattic : Modifications of header, footer, fonts, widgets, titles and more

Spearhead is a new wordpress theme designed with podcasting in mind. A minimal, elegant wordpress theme which lets your content speak for itself. It is a Child theme of Seedlet theme. Here I am sharing you some css modifications which you can use to style the theme. See the Demo of Spearhead theme. You can download Spearhead Theme from WordPress Repository. Download Parent Theme Seedlet by Automattic.

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