Click on Audio player button and Audio mp3 will start playing, Using html, jquery, css :Applicable for wordpress also.

Click on Audio Player button and audio mp3 will start playing using html css and jquery Applicable for wordpress too

Recently one of my client asked me to  solve an issue. Just before starting a paragraph he wanted to show a audio player button. While clicking that audio player button mp3 audio file will be playing.

You can download the package (HTML, CSS, Javascript and font files).

You can use this package for:

  1. For PHP sites
  2.  Wordpress Sites
  3. HTML Sites.

Message me in comments section if you need help implemeting it in wordpress or any other platforms.

WordPress Child theme Of Twenty Nineteen for accounting, law, and consultancy firms :Professional Business By Automattic Modifications

Professional Business By Automattic child theme for accounting law and consultancy firm

Recently Automattic released their new Child theme named Professional Business which is good for accounting, law and Consultancy firms. Here I have shared some customization which you can use to make the Child theme look better. So If you are a owner of Accounting, law and Consultancy firms and want to create a website with this free Professional business theme then this post is for you. You can check the Prefessional Business Demo .

You need to install Twenty Nineteen Parent theme for this

Download This Professional Business Child theme
You can ask question regarding any issue you are facing.

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How I created popup subscription form using Pop Up Maker, MailPoet and Optin Revolution.

popup form using pop up maker

Recently I Created a popup form using popup maker ( screenshot above) for my clients  Online purchase shop. The popup design is based on Optin Revolution.  Though the free optin revolution form didn’t work fine in the latest wordpress. So I collected the form code from optin revolution and used it in PopUp Maker plugins

To collect the mails submitted by the visitor I used MailPoet Plugins

I am not sharing the code i used to create the popup here. Just sharing you how i created and the button ( I have created the Submit button u using the optin revolution button background).

Save the button (if you need)

Submit button for Optin Revolution or to use in Pop Up Maker

If you need the code, please contact me in the comments section.


Add “Why Shop With Us” section in your site to increase your sales.

why shop with use section in wordpress html or php pages

If you want to add a beautiful “Why Shop With Us”  section in your wordpress or html or php sites then this post is for you. It will help to increase your site’s credibility and popularity.  Here I am sharing you the  HTML and related CSS Codes. Just add the HTML code in the respective position where you want to add it, and put the CSS code in Custom CSS portion.
You can ask question regarding any issue you are facing.

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WordPress Theme for fashion, food, travel, or design: Publication theme by Automattic css style modifications

wordpress publication theme for fashion, food, travel, or design by automattic

Publication is an elegant blog and magazine theme that features full-screen Featured Images. It’s perfect for sites about fashion, food, travel, or design. With balanced typography, colors, and attention to detail, Publication helps you create visually stunning posts. You can check the Demo of Publication theme.

You can download Publication Parent Theme for fashion, food, travel or design.
Also, You can download Publication Child Theme for fashion,food travel or design to edit the theme files.
You can ask question regarding any issue you are facing.

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Send emails to specific people depending on selection within the Form: Contact Form 7 technique

If you want to implement a form using Contact Form 7 where  users will select  Tutor name or Department name and the mail will be delivered to that specific tutor or department then this tutorial is for you.

contact form 7 send mails based on drop down person or department selectionTo solve the issue, I am sharing you what to do in the steps below

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Twenty Nineteen (2019) theme By the WordPress team: CSS Style Modifications and documentation of Header, Footer, Menu, widget, Contents and more

WordPress Twenty Nineteen  (2019) theme is the latest theme for the year, developed by WordPress Team.  Creating Professional Business websites is the main focus of the theme. Also, they have created several child themes for this which you can check too.

You can check the Demo of Twenty Nineteen theme.

You can download Twenty Nineteen (2019) theme.

If you want to change site title font color, font size and font family  of Twenty Nineteen (2019) theme By the WordPress team a {
color: darkred !important;
font-size: 3rem;
font-family: cursive !important;

To change font size, font weight, color and font family of site description of Twenty Nineteen (2019) theme By the WordPress team

.site-description {
color: darkred !important;
font-weight: normal;
font-family: cursive !important;
font-size: 23px !important;
You can ask question regarding any issue you are facing in comments section.

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Redirect Your Custom Post or Pages to login page when viewers are not logged in

Recently one of my client asked me to redirect her viewers ( who wants to check her profile page) to the Login page if the viewers are not logged in. As the profile page are of Custom Posts. I have tried to solve the issue using the following code.

 $page_id = get_queried_object_id();
if ( !is_user_logged_in() && get_post_type($page_id) =='YourCustomPostType' )

Modern wordpress portfolio theme Argent by automattic: For professional designers, artists and photographers

Theme Argent by Automattic demo screenshot

Argent is a clean and modern portfolio theme, geared towards creative professionals like designers, artists, and photographers. With its simple homepage template featuring portfolio projects, Argent aims to draw viewers right at what matters most: your wonderful work.

You can download the Argent theme by Automattic from here.
You can download the Argent Child theme to modify theme files like footer.php

I have shared some css customization to give Argent theme a new look of your choice. You can ask question regarding any issue you are facing in comments section.

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