Java Basic Problems

Java: How to add data to JTable using the easiest way.

Here I have shared with you the basic procedure to add data in a JTable  without declaring the DefaultTableModel.

Code Example:

import java.awt.*;

import javax.swing.*;

class simpletable extends JFrame


private JPanel topPanel;

private JTable table;

private JScrollPane scrollPane;

private String[] columnNames= new String[3];

private String[][] dataValues=new String[3][3] ;

public simpletable()


setTitle(“Simple Table Application”);


 topPanel= new JPanel();

topPanel.setLayout(new BorderLayout());



columnNames=new String[] {“Column 1” , “Column 2” , “Column 3”};

dataValues = new String[][]     {





    table =new JTable(dataValues,columnNames );


    scrollPane=new JScrollPane(table);



            public static void main(String args[])


            simpletable mainFrame=new simpletable();





add data in jTable

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