12 thoughts on “Theme Toujours By Automattic : Customization, Documentation and Styling to create a new blog site”

  1. Hello,
    I’m use the thème “toujours” bit i don’t have in the theme option the chek box Display a thin inset border on featured images … do you know why ? Can you help me … i need to have a slide zone on may website 🙂


      1. No, I see the option on a wordpress.com free plan.
        My association choose to install our website in another place (ovh), so i choose the toujours theme but the look (and the option) are not the same that with wordpress.com.
        So my need is to have the same look and option that wordpress.com but in another place.
        Sorry my english is very poor


      2. I install jetpack on my “ovh blog” …
        I connect to wordpress.com …
        But i still do not have the option for the slider in the header, and the font for the site is not the same 😦


      3. Thank for your help, it’s work now.
        Just another question, what is the best size for image in slider ?


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