17 thoughts on “Portfolio showcasing WordPress theme Blask by Automattic: Modify Header, footer, space, font, sidebar, content, images using css with documentation help”

  1. Hello! I love the theme, however, I am new to all this and I have been told that I need to know the maximum width of the blog in order to upload my imaged correctly. Where do I find this out please?
    Thanks, janni


  2. Is it possible to have different portfolio sections in the main menu for Blask? I have only managed to create one portfolio on my site joannatomkins.wordpress.com and I would like to have 3 or 4 different categories with portfolio functions… thank you


      1. Thanks again for your response. I would like to have different pages on the site with a portfolio but it seems that I can only have one. Is there a free site or another site that allows to have more than one. It’s essential as I have so many collections.
        (And also as I don’t like the “Previous/Next” button I would prefer short collections. )
        Or maybe I have overseen a function of the portfolio that allows you to divide it into different sections with a menu….
        Thanks for your help. Kind regards,


  3. Autre question : est il possible de changer la largeur des pages projets uniquement car aujourd’hui par exemple le texte de ma page parcours est sur toute la largeur ….Je vous remercie


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