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Is your Laptop or computer performing slow? Also MS Word Excel Powerpoint slow to load?

Please read until the end of the post.

In short, here are the issues we generally face in our Laptop or PC

  1. Laptop takes time ( more than a minute ) to boot
  2. Microsoft Word, Excel, Powerpoint,  Adobe Photoshop and other software  takes time too open or load.
  3. Jpeg, png and other pictures don’t open instantly when you double click
  4. Videos and games also take time to start

What we generally do to solve this issue (which don’t solve the issue actually) ?

  1. Cleaning of temporary folder
  2. Clearing registry using C-Cleaner or any other third party software
  3. If pc or laptop goes much slower then we decide to upgrade ram
  4. Or  installing or resetting the windows again



So, clearing temp folder or registry  or  upgrading Ram or installing / resetting Windows don’t solve the issue permanently . PC may perform little better but with the advent of time it goes slower again.

Slow performance of the windows operating system occurs due to Hard Disk.   If you Replace Hard Disk  with SSD  your issue will be solved.

What Benefits you will get using SSD?

  1.  Windows slow booting issue will be solved ( it will be booted in 10 to 15 seconds)
  2. Windows hang or Lagging issue will be solved
  3. MS Word, Excel, Powerpoint , Adobe Photoshop and other software slow loading or opening issue will be solved
  4. Your laptop battery backup will increase almost an hour
  5. You can use SSD in old laptop too

So enjoy the computing and use SSD instead of HDD

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