Karma Observation

Question regarding exalted mars with Rahu in lagna: what it indicates and pending karma

What does exalted mars with Rahu in lagna indicate. What is the pending karma as Rahu is involved?? this is the question which native asked. So, I shared my thought to Native which i am sharing it for you too for learning purpose.

exalted mars with Rahu in lagna and pending karma

My Prediction / Thoughts toward this

If you are searching for pending karma, I am sharing you my understanding, You have Mars exalted in lagna, with Lord Rahu. Which means, you seems posses the deep desire to do something for society ( where you can show off your talent or vigor) —–which will be related to partnership business or to improve marital bliss for girls, and also you may have the feelings to gain from that. I may be wrong, but as Lord Rahu is posited with exalted planet, so Lord Rahu will intensify your deep desire to implement the things.

Here is what native replied

Sir you are right in saying deep desire to do something good for society.I am having that desire and was even working on it but bcs of covid it stopped.But not for name and fame.Some how i feel saturn effect of doing everything selflessly is getting high on me

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