Karma Observation

What is the karma and curse associated with Child abortion?

Here I want to share you some of my thoughts regarding child abortion, the karma and curse associated with it.
So, if you are thinking of child abortion due to some reason ( or mistake in life) or you already faced it. Please read this carefully and share me your thoughts

So at first:

1) Please check the history of your family lineage if any of your paternal or maternal side already faced abortion
2) What is the condition of the family members ( like son, daughter) of that family… They may have money but do they have peace?
3) Does the marriage of the family members are well and good? happy in marital life?

if you found child abortion already happened in your family lineage, and you are in the same position of stopping a life to get birth, then be very careful about it.
God has given you a chance. If you do abortion then curse will come to you from nature.
What type of curse will come?
1) Your mental peace will be gone. You may have money but proper happiness will be gone.
2) your lineage (like your later son or daughter) will be a part of your curse.
3) You may not get proper happiness from your children or your marriage will be ruined

and more..

So, please be careful about Abortion. Don’t let mother nature curse you. Be careful about your decision. But if you already have done this curse and now repenting
Please beg pardon to God as per your religious belief.
As you have blocked a life to come in earth, please check to save life of others. Try to save life of new born babies, or try to save animals from slaughter home.
Do plant trees to give back to mother nature.

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