Karma Observation

Be careful if you have Mercury in 9th house.

This knowledge is from my Guru Deepanshu Giri ( God bless him, and pour more and more divine knowledge to him.)

So, once he told in a lecture about an observation regarding Lord Mercury in 9th house or Bhava. If you have 9th house Mercury then be careful regarding this. Here is the observation:

If you have Mercury in your 9th house, you may notice that girls are entering your life one after another , though you dont have physical contact with them, you may have contact with them over the phone or social media, you can go at any level with the girl over the phone or social media, and 99% case you may not come in physical contact. So, please check if this is happening with you or not, and if it is happening with you, please don’t go for any type of commitment. Be careful about such relationship.

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