Karma Observation

Blank Chart Observation for Virgo Ascendant

These are just few blank chart predictions regarding Virgo Ascendants. Though the results will very based on the planetary combinations , strengths and yogas. As an enthusiast of astrology i am sharing my knowledge to you. If you are a Virgo Ascendants please share your view too

Blank Chart for Virgo Ascendants
  1. your uncle side may have property issue
  2. you may face illness if you are obsessed with gains from your day to day job
  3. brother / sibling may face transformation in life or may face some unsolvable disease
  4. Your father may be little bit lazy in doing day to day work ( though it needs other parameters)
  5. high chance of father is stubborn type person.
  6. High chance native don’t do proper grooming of himself/herself
  7. High chance native has to provide to his sibling and may not get anything from sibling in return, which may cause mental sadness.
  8. High chance native’s good work is not appreciated, but wrong work will spread much
  9. Do expenses to show off his pride and honor.
  10. High chance you don’t like to hear criticism about your expense
  11. high chance you have a dark side of your earning
  12. High chance that people will come to you for taking help for rog ( disease ), Rin ( debt ), shatru (enemy) and you can’t say “NO” to them ( if 6th house is without affliction)

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