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Result of Sun Mercury Saturn in 8th house Aquarius : Cancer Ascendant or Lagna

In my Guruji’s group I tried to predict a lady based on the planetary combination of Sun Saturn Mercury in 8th house Aquarius. She is Cancer Ascendant.

Here are the predictions (Past Prediction) :

1) Father may faced defamation and had to leave place before native’s birth
2) History of cheating related to money and property with your father and father’s sibling.
3) I alse asked her to check check any unnatural death of younger child.

So, before Native’s birth these negative incident happed and that’s indicated in Native’s chirt too.

Native will also get negative results from those planets, though Planets will test native first.

In which section these planets will effect Native? In my understanding

1) Native will face negative ego
2) Native will have tendancy to achieve anything by hook or by crook, you may say cheating may involved
3) in short travel native may face some accident.
4) Native’s marriage may suffer.

So, if you have such combination please feel free to share your experience.

Moral: Please fix your karma, you will be saved.

4 thoughts on “Result of Sun Mercury Saturn in 8th house Aquarius : Cancer Ascendant or Lagna”

  1. I am cancer ascendant and have mars saturn mercury combination in my 8th house Aquarius. My father was cheated by his brother and so we lost our ancestral house. It happened when I was 9 years old. I have anger and ego issues and have a tendency of self loathing. Always experience obstacles wherever I go. But I am very much honest, straightforward and dharmic throughout my life maybe because of Jupiter’s 5th aspect on my 8th house.


    1. Thanks for your feedback, Can you confirm one thing, in your family do you have any senior person who died due to severe Skin related issue? Also, are you doing any work which is left by your father? and any child abortion history in your family?


      1. Sir I too have that doubt about the death of a senior member in my family due to some sort of skin related illness but still now it’s not confirmed. No one in my family remember such an incident. My father, his brother and I have skin related issues like eczema on our legs. Also I randomly noticed many times different patterns of mole, skin patches, sores on my various body parts.

        I am not doing any work left by my father. In fact I am not sure about my career path. I have completed my seven years of ambitious study in Psychology but suddenly lost the track last year and aimlessly living now without any identity.

        And yes some miscarriages happened in our family.


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