Karma Observation

How Mars in 3rd house in Cancer sign will behave?

Someone asked this question that, how Mars posited in 3rd house in Cancer sign will behave? So by taking One Planet in One sign ( I have not taken any other aspects), Mars in 3rd in Cancer Sign may behave like following:

1) My have inheritance issue
2) Mother’s health issue may there
3) Chance of dispute with neighbour
4) you may like hot drinks
5) emotional online purchasing may be there
6) you may like blogging
7) fast communication
8 ) the pen or mobile or note khata etc you use may be not expensive ( i mean that will be workable but not Posh)
9) don’t afraid to take initiative
10) anger issue or using harsh words
11) you may like to do emotional comedy so there are may things you can tell from single planet single sign.

Feel Free to share your views under comments section.

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