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Blank Chart Predictions on Cancer Ascendant or Lagna

Cancer Ascendant blank chart

Basically while learning astrology one day my Guru asked me to give him a list of blank chart predictions on Cancer Lagna or Ascendant. He was trying to check my thought process. So here are those which I shared to him. Though it is just blank chart predictions which came in my mind based on my little knowledge. Please share your thoughts in the comments section too.

Here are my thoughts:

#Native may get a guru from foreign land  and also his / her boss may be a foreigner. Guru / father will be eccentric.

# Native may get chance to develop his skill in foreign land

# When native will visit sea side, native’s luck may get activated

# there may be a field in the neighborhood, and neighbor  like gardening and fond of foreign dogs / cats as pets

# Younger brother may face loses in life / younger brother may work in foreign land

#may spend money on skill development

# Fear of communication / gossip

# May suffer Breathing issue

#Native may face digestive issue

# Like to read  skill improvement books lying in bed

# In dream  or in Meditation native’s communication /  hand skill may get priority.  Or Native can do meditation to improve communication skill

#may earn livelihood in creative way

#Native may have the courage / skill to work to attain moksha

# may be a good critic of literature or can be a good proof reader.

#may face some situation where native need to work with neighbor or sibling

# The native can do research in his study or will go in deep of his subject. Native’s elder children will be highly emotional towards his father

# May inherit knowledge / fear of progeny / children / secret fear in college life

# College life may worse then school  and university life may worser then college  Or  in college native may be very bookish  or native may go through friends who are depressed

# Native’s children may have their opinion in native’s job

# Native may like to hear sad song / paranormal movies

# Transformation may happen during college life or while in job

#Native and his father may study in such institution where there is flow of water or river or water reserver nearby

# If native does anything wrong in work place, his/ her children will go through depression. Also doing wrong deeds in work place native may suffer inheritance related issue and father may suffer health issue

# Social circle are highly loyal and stubborn and may have multiple source of income

# Paternal Uncle may have issue in marriage

# Due to Father’s action or deeds native may face hardsheep regarding,disease, debt and enemies and native will gain expertise over these.

# Native may get chance to overcome pitri, guru or uncle’s Rin

# Native’s father may suffer long term disease / has long term loan

#Native also may get long term loan and get good coworker

#Litigation regarding Paternal Property

# May believe in Destiny/ Guru kripa regarding  Disease / Loans etc.

# Native’s father has a broad feelings towards pet animals

# Native has secret mental dependency either towards his father /guru or wife’s sibling

# Gain in property after marriage

# If wife has elder siblings, he/she may go in transformation in life

# after  marriage native may gain from in-laws /  in-laws family may incur losses / spouse may get inherited property

# Native’s spouse may have unique idea of investment and may be interested in occult

# May like to save his investment details in mobile/ computer / unique way

# Problem in Investment / in In-laws   Problem in Air Conditioner

# At the age of 36 transformation in profession or construction work may happen / issue in inlaw /

# At the age of 34/37 there will be a noticeable change in public visibility or in business / wife’s health and may get sudden gain or some transforming events can happen in wife’s family  or investment

# Native or native’s children may get resource from Paternal uncle’s side  or in study/research native will get resource from social circle / paternal uncle side

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