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Some observation about Guru Jupiter in 8th : Helpful post if you don’t want to face Jupiterian Curse

Here I am sharing some of my observation of Guru Jupiter in 8th.
If in your horoscope Guru Jupiter is in 8th, please share your observation too

Guru jupiter in 8th house

1) Have you got blamed by in-laws? Or Set-back after marriage
2) Does your family lineage has child abortion issue?
3) During the death of any of your senior family member ( your or your in-laws family) you could not attend funeral?

** Observation 1 also seems mentioned in lal kitab too. Also Lal Kitab tell to be aware from extra marital and to live with seniors.

Please observe these, if it still didn’t happen, then be careful and observe and do your best to senior family members and do all your duties and try to attend the funerals (if any).

Guru Jupiter in 8th, as per my understanding wants you to learn the deep meaning of life, wants you to learn Higher Divine Knowledge and wants you to be the Leader who will show path of Mukti ( Moksha) for you and your previous and next generation.

If your Guru tell you some words which hurts you… check if your life or area of that portion got improving or not after that, don’t criticize Guru.

** Update: Someone asked in the group that

Aquarius Ascendant, Mars Jupiter closely conjunct in 8th house Virgo sign .What else could be the implications? Kindly put an insight sir.

Prediction related to Mars Jupiter Conjunct in 8th house in Virgo could be:

1) you need to check if native’s family had fight regarding inheritance in someone’s death

2) skin disease related issue

3) job related issue

4) Some sort of Funeral rites remains or not

5) may face pressure from seniors

6) relationship towards seniors may suffer 7) marital life may suffer 

** Though the native didn’t confirm yet, but messaged that he will check.

Another Lady with  Guru Jupiter with Lord Rahu in 8th house Pisces mentioned that

1. Married life problems -yes,

2. When my Grand father died there was issue of inheritance.

3. No chronic disease 

I am an enthusiast of astrology and sharing some of my thoughts so that you don’t fall in trap of Jupiterian Curse.

Please help me too by sharing your ideas.

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