Karma Observation

About Debilitated Retro Saturn in 10th house

This is just my basic understanding which I want to share, and confirmed by a native. Though it is risky to tell something about a single planet in single house, but based on the characteristics of Lord Shani I tried to share my thought.

If you have Debilitated Retro Saturn, then

as per my understanding, suppose you have done some work, but your boss will tell you to redo it and pressurize you? you did the work in pressure and had to redo it in pressure again, something like that? would u mind to confirm or please share your experience. Though without D9 from single planet the result may be wrong too.

Native confirmed that though he is still a student but he experience this with his mom and his bro for doing work in home.

Native also mentioned Lord Saturn is in D1 in 10th house with moon and Lord Jupiter and in D9 it is in 12th house Virgo with moon

So I replied my understanding that

If i am not wrong, like u mentioned, you feel pressure outside and from inside, though u feel bad, but u “Let Go” it in the feeling of higher consciousness. But, you may be careful about property or mother / partner health related matter.

Request to Reader: As a lover of Astrology I highly request you to share your point of view if you have Retro Saturn in any house of your Natal Chart.

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