Karma Observation

Lord Rahu Deb in Lagna or First house: Is this same to you?

It is my observation. But, if Lord Rahu Deb is in your Lagna too. Can you share me your thoughts too? Here my observation being a male.


  1. French Cut mustache and beard by nature or they like not to shave ( grooming issue)
  2. Wants to go to Church though native may not be Christian.
  3. Loves too much independence
  4. If giving good result, will make you devoted in the long run
  5. If associated with 3rd lord, you will show off your talents in websites to help others and will show off your luxurious pens, notebooks and laptops .. or will talk about those
  6. Don’t feel necessary to take bath everyday
  7. Dandruff issue may be there
  8. Thoughts and personality won’t match with normal society.
  9. Being a Royal Planet, Lord Rahu Deb is Emotional and may lead you to fulfill your desire by hook or by crook. But please Increase or Take help of Guru (Jupiter) or God for this. Take Spiritual Guidance.
  10. If you cheat others, then be sure Lord Rahu Deb will drag you down during his Dashas
  11. Lord Shiba and Maa Saraswait will help you to control Lord Rahu Deb or Learn Astrology which will give you immense pleasure.
  12. Generally Lord Rahu Deb keep silent in personality, but when you get emotional disturbance or your ego hurts, then Lord Rahu comes infront of your personality and take over your personality and attacks your opponent. But be very careful, better you let Lord Rahu Deb not to appear or use his energy in a positive way. Take help of Maa Saraswati and Lord Shiba

Please do comments if you have Lord Rahu Deb in Lagna or in other houses and what you felt about Lord Rahu Deb.

2 thoughts on “Lord Rahu Deb in Lagna or First house: Is this same to you?”

  1. I have debilitated rahu in my fifth house. I love my privacy and personal freedom very much and I always feel like an alien living in this world. I have dandruff and body heat issues and bathing giving me immense relief otherwise I will act harsh. Very much justice oriented personality and always try do things in a dharmic way. Not that much concerned about personal grooming. I follow minimal make-up. Initially had interest in Christianity and after that it faded and got attracted to sufi way of living, music and poetry. Also not talkative in nature but argumentative when situation demands.


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