Karma Observation

Saturn Moon Conjunction in 3rd house (Sagittarius) : Skill Development and Focus issue.

From inner tendency Native feels to do everything to improve skill but can’t focus and it continues as a loop.

So I asked the native

Saturn Moon Conjunction in 3rd house (sagittarius) skill development and focus issue

have u faced such situation that, you went to join a course ( any type of skill development) and after that you felt the course is not worth the money you are giving and you either felt cheated or didnt give full money or bargain etc?

Native Replied

yes it’s right in money thing I always felt like cheated and try to bargain but always give full money but at the end I realized my money is waisted and always I go for next option.

So to conclude what I reply is:

i am not expert, but i may be wrong, hope u can relate with your inner feelings. As per my understanding, in past (either you or your family member) didnt paid the full fee to the Guru or Guru faced insult in terms of money. Hope you understood why i said that.

Moral: Please pay full attention if you are doing any sort of mistake towards your Guru in terms of money or others. It will pay back to you or will be paid back by your generation or child in this manner.

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