Karma Observation

Observational Post: Starting of Lord Ketu ( South Node) dasha or Preiod

As an enthusiast of Vedic Astrology, If your Lord Ketu Dasha (South Node) is going to start, or, If you are already running Lord Ketu ( South Node) dasha, then please observe the following and take measures as per the followings

  1. When you wash your hand have you noticed any small insects like ants, flies etc in the basin? If yes, please rescue those small animals first and then wash your hand.
  2. In toilet too, you may notice same scenario ( small ants, flies in the commode ). Try to do your best
  3. Do respond to those who asked help for stray dogs
  4. If anyone asked for pregnant lady do your best

This is just my little observation which I faced during Ketu periods ( South Node periods). So do your needful to make your Ketu dasha better

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