Karma Observation

Observational Post: Starting of Lord Rahu( North Node) dasha or Preiod

As an enthusiast of Vedic Astrology, If your Lord Rahu Dasha (North Node) is going to start, or, If you are already running Lord Rahu ( North Node) dasha, then please observe the following and take measures as per the followings

Suppose, you have enough money or resource in your hand, and you want to use that money or resource to purchase or grab something which is your want ( not the Need). For example, you have sufficient money in your hand to purchase an IPhone. Suddenly you found someone in your relative or known circle are in need of money / resources and he / she is asking help for money. Now you have the free will either to help or to purchase the iPhone. In such scenario better you sacrifice your “Want” and help the person who is asking help. Your Rahu dasha (North Node) or period should be good.

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