Dara By Automattic Modifications of header, footer, sidebar, contents and documentations


Theme Dara by Automattic documentation
With bold featured images and bright, cheerful colors, Dara is ready to get to work for your business.

Here I am sharing some css styling which you can use to styling your site  if you are using Dara by Automattic.

You can use my shared code and ask question in the comments section.

Or can take my personal help.

Question 1: How to change social icons background color in Dara theme?

Answer: Try the following code

.jetpack-social-navigation ul li {
background: darkblue;

Question 2: How to change or edit  site title’s font color, font size and font family

.site-title a {
color: darkblue;
font-weight: bold !important;
font-family: cursive;
font-size: 52px !important;

 Theme Dara by automattic header modifications

Question 3: If you want to change or edit site description’s font color, font size and family

 p.site-description, p.site-description * {
color: darkblue;
font-size: 19px !important;
font-family: cursive !important;
font-wight: inherit;

** If you don’t want to show or hide / remove  site description

display:none !important;


Question 4 :  How to change  navigation menu background color 

.main-navigation {
background-color: darkblue;

 Theme Dara top menu modification

Question 5 : How to change dropdown menu background color

.main-navigation ul ul {
background-color: darkblue !important;}

Question 6 : How to change Navigation menu font color, size and font family?nav.main-navigation ul#top-menu a {
color: red !important;
font-family: cursive !important;
font-size: 15px !important;

******** Blog Page Modifications ********

Question 7 : If you don’t want to show post category at the top of post title in blog page

.blog span.cat-links {
display: none !important;


If you want to make the category links looks outstanding by changing font color, size and font family

.blog span.cat-links a {
color: darkblue !important;
font-family: cursive;
font-size: 16px !important;

Question 8 :  I don’t want to show  blog post date and post date. How to do that?

span.posted-on {
display: none  !important;
span.byline {
display: none !important;
span.posted-on,span.posted-on * {
font-family: cursive !important;
color: darkblue;
 font-size: 13px !important;
span.byline ,span.byline  *{
font-family: cursive !important;
color: darkblue;
font-size: 13px !important;

theme dara blog page modification

Question 10 : How to make the blog post title outstanding by changing title font, family, size and color

h2.entry-title, h2.entry-title * {
color: darkblue;
font-size: 23px;
font-family: cursive;
font-weight: bold;

 Question 11: I don’t want to show tags link at the bottom of posts in blog page

span.tags-links {
 display: none;

 Question 12 : How to change blog page posts  content font styling

.entry-content, .entry-content * {
font-family: cursive;
color: black;
font-size: 18px !important;
******** Grid Page Modifications ********

 Question 13 : In grid (page template) view of posts,  if  you want to remove the post summary

 .page-template-grid-page .entry-summary {

display: none !important;
 .home .featured-posts span.cat-links {
display: none !important;
Question 15: How to remove  featured post date and auther in slider
.home .featured-posts .entry-meta {
display: none !important;

Question 16: How to remove Featured post title in slider

 .featured-posts h2.entry-title {

display: none;
body {
background: darkblue !important;

Download  Dara Theme (parent) and Dara Theme (Child) by Automattic



in the child theme i shared.  Check footer.php  (as per the screenshot below)

Theme Dara Proudly Powered by WordPress Modification

<div class="site-info">
<a href="https://wordpress.org/">Proudly powered by WordPress</a>
<span class="sep"> | </span>
Theme: Dara by <a href="http://automattic.com/" rel="designer">Automattic</a>.</div>


If you have any issue feel free to ask me question here in comments section


Pay me some, I will help you for CSS Issue PersonallyCLICK HERE….

94 Responses to Dara By Automattic Modifications of header, footer, sidebar, contents and documentations

  1. emilyk74 says:

    I am currently using this theme. I really like it. However, my social icons cannot display in the header. It isn’t an option. Why is the example you are using showing them in the header. I would love to be able to move them to the header but the only options are sidebar, footer 1, footer 2, & footer 3. It is not showing there is an update available if this is a recent change. Thanks.


  2. fhallab says:

    hello, how can I change the default color of the contact form button?


  3. Simone says:

    Hi I want to change the default color of the contact form button but it doesn’t work with the code you suggested above?


  4. Can I delete the content slider completely?


  5. Sehria says:

    Juste un très grand et gros merci pour votre article ! Il m’a vraiment beaucoup aidé !


  6. Sehria says:

    I have no just question to ask tell you a very big thank you for your article! it really helped a lot me!


  7. Can someone please help me figure out how to modify the size of the white space above the header menu? I would like to reduce so that the site starts with the header menu at the very top. Thanks so much.


  8. collinchang says:

    How to modify the image size at the header ? At the moment, it is fixed to 1180 × 360 pixels and I want to make it smaller.


  9. collinchang says:

    https://atpasiaohse.wordpress.com/. I did not do much until this is resolved.


  10. collinchang says:

    I do not understand your comment “then it would touch to check the issue”? Your code works to my expectation on resizubg and hope to see a rectification CSS code for the red arrow area. Any way to help?

    Yes, if I remove the CSS code that you recommended, the red arrow section disappear and will align with the page. fyi. I am using custom CSS code plug in to implement the code change.


  11. Sky says:

    HI What’s the current pantone of DAra?


  12. drea says:

    I managed to change the page background color in the front page, although when I click to go to another page, the page appears white. I did try inserting:

    .page {
    background-color: #232323;

    It does change the page color, although a section of the page stays white.

    Also, thank you for this article and theme. It was so helpful.


  13. testshiastu says:

    Hi, I have changed the navigation menu and drop down menu background color, however, when browsing with a mobile or a tablet, the “Menu” is still outlined with the original color. It is hard to describe so I’ll join a screenshot :

    Thank you for your help.


  14. elemaha says:

    Hello, Thank you for such a useful set of examples. I have tried your Question 12 : How to change blog page posts content font styling. This does change the styling of the font for blogs but it also changes the styling everywhere that uses entry-content.
    Is to possible to restrict the change to only the content of blogs?

    I also have a supplementary question. How do I make use of a google font e.g. Itim for blog content when the font is not included in the Dara Theme?

    Thank you very much.



  15. elemaha says:

    Thank you for getting back to me so quickly. I have solved the first part of my question by slightly modifying what you proposed in your Q12:

    .entry-body .entry-content { font-family: cursive

    Now I need to work out how to import and reference a google font.

    You can see what I am doing here:


  16. elemaha says:

    Just to clarify what I would like to do.

    I would like to be able to replace “cursive” in my previous comment with any font that I choose to import from Google.

    Thanks a lot.



  17. Hi….how would I just replace the fonts of the headings? For example, the titles of the three featured content pages, titles of widgets, titles of page titles, etc? I thought I had figured out where to do it but nothing changes on the page. I want to swap out the Yrsa font there for Roboto.


  18. Hi, I am using an install of WordPress on a GoDaddy web hosting platform. Not on a free wordpress account.


  19. Thank you so much for this post, it has helped me greatly. However, I do have a few questions.
    I was wondering how I can change the color of the “Older Posts” and “Follow” buttons at the bottom of my site.

    For reference, my website is: http://www.satinrussell.com

    Also, I changed the color of my category tags on the main page, but I noticed that when I click on an actual blog post, the categories revert back to the original color. How can I change this so that it stays the same from main page to post page?

    For reference:

    Here is the the main page showing #317d93 font color for categories: https://satinrussell.com/blog/

    And here is a post page example that shows the original font color for categories: https://satinrussell.com/2017/11/17/author-events-part-three/

    I am SO close to getting this page looking how I want it to. A lot of that is due to your help and this article!


    • Hi Satin
      sorry for the late reply
      would you mind to try this first please

      button, input[type=button], input[type=reset], input[type=submit], #infinite-handle span, .button {
      background-color: red !important;

      let me know if the button color changed or not



  20. Christina says:

    Great site with at lot a useful information! Thanks!
    I have changes the drop down menu colour, but then I look at my website from my mobil, the navigation with “menu” is still the wrong colour.
    You can se it here: http://www.byedelgaard.dk.
    The colour is aqua blue, but I want it to be grey. At desktop version it looks just fine, but not on mobile. Can you help?


  21. Can you look at contigopm.com and tell me how to remove the extra white space above the footer? I’ve tried half a dozen different .CSS doses and nothing works.


  22. David Green says:

    Thank you! This is very helpful. Can you also provide the css to change the background color of my pages other than the home page?


  23. David Green says:

    That made no difference! I am puzzled that this is so difficult. Thanks for looking at it for me.


  24. dgreenruf says:

    The same place I posted the other codes you provided in this page – in the CSS customization area.


  25. David Green says:

    Another question please. Here is a screenshot from my phone. Do you know the code to change the color of small menu block in the middle of the mobile display? I want it gray, not aqua.

    Screenshot: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1SwTN9BQsuBA2TJ9NMMRIaRDJB9Gll13D/view?usp=sharing


  26. David Green says:

    It worked! Thanks so much! I’d never figure this out myself.


  27. David Green says:

    Om, the search window on the pages of my site seems to be in a sidebar, but it is much larger than it needs to be. Do you know how to shrink that sidebar? Thanks for your help!


    • Hi David
      would u mind to check the following code please

      @media screen and (min-width: 1000px){
      #secondary.widget-area {
      width: 20% !important;
      max-width: 250px;

      .content-wrapper .content-area {
      width: 78% !important;
      max-width: 752px !important;


  28. David Green says:

    Om, thanks for your help. Unfortunately, that did not change the width of my sidebar. Any other thoughts?


  29. David Green says:

    Wow, that’s really strange. I tried 3 browsers: Chrome, Firefox, and Edge, and they did not display any change in the width of the sidebar. I am confused. I don’t know what that means.


  30. David Green says:

    OK, I discovered something. When I came home I tried my site on my wife’s computer with and without your code, and you are right – it does work! Upon further experimenting I discovered that when I narrow the browser, there comes a point where the sidebar reverts to its original size. If I keep narrowing the browser, the sidebar snaps to the bottom. That explains why I didn’t see any difference at first. I am working on a notebook computer, and I had the browser widow in that size where the sidebar stays its original size. If I widen it, the sidebar narrows as you said.

    This is all far beyond my understanding of CSS. Perhaps I should let well enough alone. But if you can think of a way to keep the sidebar *always* narrow, that would be ideal.

    Thanks again for your wonderful help!


  31. David Green says:

    OK, here’s another one. Can you share the code to change the color of the tagline? I’d like it darker. Mine says, “David Green’s ministry as an Area Coordinator with Reformed University Fellowship” on dgreenruf.wordpress.com. Thanks so much!


  32. David Green says:

    Perfect! Thank you so much!


  33. Hi, do you know if there is an easy way to create image galleries (e.g. 3 columns), that open into a slideshow as soon as one of the images is clicked (with arrows on the right and left to click through the enlarged images)? I want to include some photo galleries in some of my websites pages. Many thanks for you help, Julia


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